Tip of the Month

July 2016

Developing a Rhythm to your Workout!

If you are like most people, time is a very sacred commodity. “Carving out” 60 minutes to work out every day takes much pre-planning and juggling of work and family commitments. Most people do an admirable job of setting up the actual workout time. However, what happens once are in the gym and ready to workout? Have you spent as much time planning your workout as you do setting up the day and time? This plan or schedule for your workout is key to maximizing the available workout time. Write your workout down on paper or keep in your head. What matters is some sort of pre-plan before entering your workout space.

For purposes of this Tip of the Month, we are speaking of developing a rhythm to your workouts. Rhythm is the state where you are so engaged in the workout that time moves quickly and efficiently. Listed below are some easily to implement keys to developing your rhythm.

  • Pre-plan you workout for efficient use of available time.
  • No to rhythms are the same. Find what works for you individually.
  • Gyms can be crowded. Don’t overly socialize; stay on task.
  • Un-plug. Get energized by the accomplishing or your planned exercise routine.

Lastly, take some time after your workout to analyze your activity. The drive home or back to work can be a good time for reflection. Did you accomplish your workout? What can you do during the next workout to develop your workout rhythm?

Good luck!